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  • What materials do you use to create your pet portraits?
    All of my art is drawn on high-quality paper using fine line pigma markers and high quality color markers; used for fine art to last forever.​
  • Can my Zentangle pet portrait be framed?
    Yes! Each of my pieces is delivered matted and framed, ready to be displayed in your home.
  • What is the process for creating my pet portrait?
    If you are interested in capturing a pet in a unique way, use the contact form to share your information and any important details of your pet. After I receive your request, I’ll reach out to discuss your special friend and request photos. If you would like me to work off a picture, that’s great! I also like to view additional photos so that I can capture your pet’s full essence. After I review your pet’s info and get a feel for their personality I will get to work on your original, handmade piece.
  • How soon after ordering can I expect to receive my portrait?
    The time frame to create each piece varies due to the intricacy and attention to detail required to achieve the right feel for your pet. You can expect to receive your new art within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Can I give a Zentangle pet portrait as a gift?
    Yes! These portraits make a great gift. As long as you are able to share the pet’s story and photos with me I can create a memory that your loved one will cherish.
  • I love your art, but I don’t have a pet. Can you create something for me?"
    Absolutely! Even though I primarily create pet art, I can capture anyone or anything special to you using unique Zentangle and mandala designs. Reach out and share your story...I’d love to talk with you!

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