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Zentangle Offerings

I love capturing special pets, people, and moments in custom Zentangle artwork. If someone or something carries meaning for you, reach out. Share your story and I’ll design a unique piece for you!

Select a size below and additional options to get started.

Single Pet Portrait

Looking for a single piece to capture your furry friend’s personality? Share the details and a photo and I’ll create a Zentangle portrait that beautifully conveys that essence in art form.

Pet Set

If you wish to display multiple fur babies together, ask about a Pet Set. I can create multiple portraits in the same style that also highlights each pet’s unique personality. Pet Sets create a beautiful wall of memories you’ll love to display.

Loved One Portrait

I do more than pet portraits! If your special someone has a big personality, let it shine through with a creative mandala piece. These complex portraits tell a unique story in a fascinating, beautiful way. Capture your special someone’s essence in a masterfully illustrated design.

Meaningful Moments

Looking for a Zentangle piece, but a portrait doesn’t seem like the right fit? Share your meaningful item, moment, or story and I can create a beautiful work of art for you. If you are looking for a piece capturing just the right emotion, I’d love to help!

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Or reach out and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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