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Zentangle Pet Portraits

Capture your pet’s essence with unique zentangle/mandala pieces from artist Erica Lewin.

The special bond shared between a pet and its human is difficult to put into words.
They are a member of your family - but it’s so much more than that. 


A pet’s unrelenting love and company can brighten even the worst of days.

From a picture to a dream...

Remember the special pets in your life
with a handmade work of art.



“When Erica gave me my drawing of Bayla my heart stopped with so much joy!  She gave me part of her back!  I feel her soul in that picture in her eyes!”

-Reghan Taylor


Recognize and remember the special pets in your life with a handmade work of art

A Zentangle portrait has a way of
unraveling a soul.

It captures your pet’s personality in an unexpected way.


Your big, fluffy ball of energy jumps right off the page, and the love between you and your pet radiates from their eyes.


My Zentangle pet portraits are the perfect way to capture your pet’s essence — unique, interesting, complex, and full of love.


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Looking for a Custom Quote?

If you are looking to capture your pet’s special personality, look beyond basic pictures and portraits. 


Feel their love and presence every day with a handmade Zentangle or mandala portrait by Erica Lewin Art.


Contact me to share your pet’s story and get a custom estimate for your one-of-a-kind pet portrait.

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